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Apartment Insurance and Building Insurance in Nova ScotiaAccidents Happen – Are You Covered?

We know it’s hard work owning an apartment building, or multiple apartment buildings. So what happens when an accident occurs, like a fire? The last thing you want to be worrying about is what your insurance policy does and does not cover. Does your insurance policy cover your lost rental income from that property? Will the policy limits be enough to replace your apartment building? These are some of the questions you want to be asking yourself and your A.A. Munro Nova Scotia Apartment Owners Insurance specialist every time it comes time to review your policy – before an accident happens!

Do I Need a Special Insurance Policy Just for my Apartment Building?

Some insurers will allow you to add an apartment building to your personal insurance policy depending on the size of the apartment building. But you need to make sure it covers everything you need! You need to worry about more than the structure of the building, there is rental income replacement, and liability, just to name a few. A proper assessment of your apartment building(s) with one of our Nova Scotia Apartment Owners Insurance specialists can get you on the right track to having piece of mind.

Two Reasons to Start Now

  1. There is no time like the present to make sure your income is protected, cover your apartment building from disasters, lawsuits and income loss.
  2. A no-risk quote from one of our Insurance Specialists will give you piece of mind right away. Just simple fill out the form right now and we’ll get back to you with the exact coverage you need. We promise you rock solid protection at the best rates in the business.

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