Nova Scotia Auto Dealers Insurance

Nova Scotia Auto Dealers Insurance by AA MunroAs an auto dealer, you have a lot to worry about when it comes to the value of your inventory, given that the majority of it sits on an open lot or in a showroom. Does your current Nova Scotia Auto Dealers Insurance policy have the correct limits to cover all the vehicles you have in inventory? Or perhaps your current limit is too high, and you could be redirecting that valuable money to other parts of your business.

However there is more than just the cars on your lot to worry about: you may own your own building and that structure has great value to you and your business. Buildings aren’t getting any cheaper to replace, so you have to be 100% sure that your insurance policy will sufficiently help you to replace it in the event of a claim. Another part of your auto dealer business may be auto repair: some of those used cars that come in on trade have seen better days and need some TLC to get back on the road, or perhaps you have a full scale garage covering warranty for the franchise you sell for. Either way you have to consider the coverage and liability requirements that entails.

What does your Auto Dealership mean to you?

We’re sure that your business is a lot more than an income source to you. Why risk it all on a questionable insurance policy? Take a moment to fill out our free Nova Scotia Auto Dealers Insurance quote form and allow one of our auto dealer insurance specialist give you the piece of mind you, your family and perhaps your business partners deserve.

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