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We Ensure Smooth Sailing for Nova Scotia Residents

Nova Scotia Commercial Boat Insurance by AA MunroIf you depend on a commercial boat for your livelihood then you want to know you can depend on an insurer who won’t leave you adrift when it comes to gaining protection or, more particularly, making a claim. A.A. Munro has the right Nova Scotia Commercial Boat Insurance policy for you and your floating business!

You’ll know, for instance, that one of the critical areas of any commercial boat insurance is the level of deductible. Incredibly, some insurers insist you pay a six figure across-the-board sum on any claim before they kick-in with their contribution.

They ratchet up deductibles when a vessel is as little as three years old and, in some cases, completely refuse coverage once a vessel is just five years old. And the only pollution coverage you get is government authority linked.

That just won’t do, especially in a maritime province like Nova Scotia.

A Better Alternative to Your Marine Insurance

Nova Scotia Commercial Boat Insurance through A. A. Munro is a different kettle of fish. We give you the flexible and cost effective peace of mind you deserve in all sorts of ways, with a range of protection and deductibles to meet your needs and budget.

For example, you can have:

  • No deductible on liability, pollution or ice claims and no extra deductibles on machinery
  • Pollution coverage for sudden and accidental incidents
  • Engine coverage for up to 10,000 running hours
  • Depreciation-free, full replacement costs for electronic equipment
  • Automatic coverage of up to 20% of the vessel’s insured value of items moved ashore for storage or repair

Furthermore, since time is money, so you don’t want to spend a moment more than necessary in arranging your coverage or making claims. That’s why when you choose A. A. Munro, you’ll also get the benefit of fast, friendly and courteous service whether we’re insuring you or assisting with a claim.

Discover More

We’ve been in the insurance business in Nova Scotia for more than 65 years and, in those decades we’ve served hundreds of commercial boat owners. So, just like you know your seafaring business, we know the boat insurance business inside and out.

Let us show you just how good and cost-effective having the right insurer for your water-based business can be. Submit the Free Quote Request form on this page today for an immediate response.

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