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Commercial Trucking Insurance in Nova Scotia by AA MunroCommercial trucks are the lifeblood of your company. Every moment they’re off the road for maintenance, and every accident or injury, is a potential threat to your survival. And there are scores of other potential hazards both on and off road that can take derail your business.

So when things go wrong, you want to be sure not only that you’re properly protected against those risks, but also that there’s someone who’s going to help you get things back to normal as quickly as possible, wherever you, or your truck, may be.

That’s why so many commercial fleet owners and operators turn to A.A. Munro for Nova Scotia Commercial Trucking Insurance protection and smooth handling of claims. We’ve been in the business of protecting businesses in Nova Scotia for more than 65 years, and with 19 office locations in every corner of the province, we’re as accessible as we are experienced.

Here For the Long Haul

Not only that, but we can provide full-service insurance coverage for your entire trucking operation anywhere in North America. We offer protection across the full spectrum of commercial trucking operations both local and long-haul, and all sizes of dump truck operations. When it comes to commercial fleets; you name it, we’ve insured it.

Over the years, we’ve all seen numerous insurance brokerages come and go. But we’ve been here since the early days of large-scale commercial trucking and we have every intention of being here far into the foreseeable future, providing first class service to our customers.

Our friendly team of experts understands the commercial trucking business and will work with you to customize insurance protection from a range of options to precisely meet your needs and your budget.

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If your business relies on commercial trucking operations, you can also rely on A.A. Munro to help you keep it that way. To find out how, simply submit the quick and easy Free Quote Request Form on this page. There’s no obligation and you have everything to gain, so don’t wait another minute, get started now!

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