Nova Scotia ATV and Snowmobile Insurance

It’s the Law in Nova Scotia

In the province of Nova Scotia, ATV owners and Snowmobile owners are legally required to have insurance to drive their machines, just as insurance is required to drive any automobile. You may have heard that this insurance requirement referred to as ‘PLPD’, or Public Liability and Property Damage, and AA Munro has a team of Nova Scotia ATV and Snowmobile Insurance Specialists that can help you meet these particular insurance requirements and more.

Nova Scotia ATV and Snowmobile Insurance

Open Skies

AA Munro Insurance has access to the Open Skies program. This not only provides both ATV Insurance and Snowmobile Insurance at outstanding rates for the basic legal requirements for each policy, but also offers other additional coverages you may want. If it’s the basics you want, we’ll be happy to help – but if being just legal is not enough for you, Open Skies and AA Munro Insurance have the best rates in the business on additional coverages like collision, comprehensive, fire and theft. The sky is the limit!

Now’s the Time

Take a moment and fill out our Free Quote Request Form and allow our Insurance Specialists find you the best possible rate for your Nova Scotia ATV and Snowmobile Insurance. We’ll find you rock solid protection at the best rates in the business.

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