Nova Scotia Homeowners Insurance

Your Property is at Risk!

Home Insurance in Nova Scotia by AAMunro Around 30,000 property crimes in Nova Scotia every year – 20% of them breaking and entering – and thousands more fires, accidents and storm-related damages to homes around the province, bear witness to the scale of risk to your property and its contents.

And that’s all before we’ve even considered liability claims that other people make against homeowners, and personal items people lose or damage when they’re away from home.

It’s enough to make you worry when you consider we’re talking about a threat to what are probably the biggest and most important investments you’ll ever make – the walls that surround you and the treasured items that fill your life.  Every day you face the very real risk of losing it all.

But don’t worry. AA Munro can protect you, with Nova Scotia homeowners insurance policies that cover all the risks. With over 70 years experience and a team of experts committed to you and your needs, we provide the best protection at competitive prices.

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Flexible Protection, Simple Peace of Mind

Since everyone is different and we all have our own priorities and financial constraints, the best kind of homeowner protection is the sort that can be tailored specially to meet individual needs.

Nova Scotia Home Insurance

At AA Munro, we offer three main types of home insurance policies, from basic to comprehensive. All of your options include protection against a wide range of risks like fire, storm, theft, breakages, vandalism and impact.

We can cover the structure of your home, its contents, liability claims for damage or injury on your property, and loss of personal items when traveling. We even offer options on how much you’ll pay before your insurance kicks in (the deductible), as well as policies that provide actual cash value or guarantee full replacement costs. All of this adds up to maximum flexibility, and the possibility of discounts for multiple insurance policies and other features means it’s a great value for you too!

Plus, if you ever do need to make a claim, you’ll be able to count on us to make the process as swift and smooth as possible.

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Don’t waste a moment leaving your property and/or contents unprotected. The consequences of damage or theft are unthinkable. Instead, contact us straight away for a free, fast and confidential Nova Scotia Homeowners Insurance quote. There’s no obligation. Submit the Free Quote Request Form on this page right now and we’ll contact you to review the options together.

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