Nova Scotia Life Insurance

One Day Your Loved Ones Will Need It

Nova Scotia Life Insurance by AA MunroHere’s the good news: Nova Scotians like us are living longer than ever. The bad news: All good things come to an end.  And in most cases, we have no idea when that will be. That’s why you want to have life insurance – peace-of-mind protection that takes care of those who are near and dear to you after you’re gone.

It’s not a happy subject, but you know that one day your loved ones will need it. And you’ll want them to know you did this for them.

Here at A.A. Munro, we’ve been providing flexible Nova Scotia Life Insurance programs for more than 65 years. We offer a range of policies to meet your needs – and your family’s – as they change over the years. And we can provide you with a rate quote quickly and easily.

You Have Options!

As you travel through life, your family and its needs will change. So will your budget. So, while life insurance should always be an essential part of your financial security strategy, you want to be able to select the best protection for your circumstances and budget. For example, you can choose from:

  • Term insurance: Coverage for a set timeframe, such as crucial periods of heavy financial commitment, like a mortgage and a growing family. Because the period is fixed, rates are relatively low.
  • Permanent insurance: This lasts your lifetime and pays out an agreed sum on your death, whenever that occurs. You have permanent peace of mind.
  • Universal insurance: Provides flexibility of either a guaranteed or variable level of coverage. Can also be used for capital growth and tax deferment, through additional investment.

How Our Nova Scotia Life Insurance Experts Can Help

The rate you pay reflects not only the type of policy you choose but also a range of factors that include your age, gender, health, medical history, your job and your lifestyle.

That’s why you need the help of an experienced Nova Scotia life insurance specialist like A. A. Munro. Simply submit the quick and easy Free Quote Request Form on this page today and we’ll immediately get to work finding the best plan for you. Don’t wait any longer…your family will thank you for it.

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