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Do you need Renter’s Insurance?

Nova Scotia Renters Insurance by AA MunroCall it what you want – Tenants Insurance, Contents Insurance, Personal Property Insurance, or Renters Insurance – you need it if you rent a property from someone else. What most people don’t realize is that our Nova Scotia Renters Insurance covers more than just your belongings!

Most landlords these days will ask you, or tell you, to have Renters Insurance. Most of them are genuinely concerned that you protect yourself against property loss, but they probably also have an insurance company asking them to ensure that all their tenants have Renters Insurance. Why? So if something happens and causes a loss to the building and it is not the building owners fault, they can sue you for the damages. Something as simple as an unattended candle on a table or a pet chewing on something they shouldn’t can cause a fire, which could destroy your apartment, or worse, the entire building. Sadly, you would be at fault and an insurance company can seek to recoup the losses to the building from you. And without Renters Insurance, that means big trouble.

What does Renters Insurance Cover?

Our Nova Scotia Renters Insurance will help you rebuild your life after a loss. It will replace your personal property – things like clothes, furniture and other personal belongings. Renters Insurance also can help pay for any additional costs that may arise from you being out of your apartment while it is being repaired. Hotel bills, restaurant bills, and moving costs are all claimable in the event that your put out of your apartment because of a claim.

Renters Insurance also includes liability coverage, which might be the most important part of the policy. Something as simple as a friend coming into your apartment and falling down could be your fault, and without tenants insurance, you’re on the hook.

Renters Insurance can be very inexpensive!

If you have already have Auto Insurance with us and you choose to add a Renters Insurance policy to your portfolio, you can receive a discount off your Auto Insurance which will practically pay for the Renters Insurance!

Don’t leave yourself at risk any longer! Take a moment to complete our Free Renters Insurance Quote Form and allow one of our Insurance Specialists find the best Nova Scotia Renters Insurance possible for you and your belongings.

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