Money Saving Tips for Auto Insurance

7 Money Saving Tips for Auto Insurance

How to get the Best Bang for your Auto Insurance Buck!

  1. Multiple Policies = Multiple Discounts

    If you have all of your vehicles and your homeowners policies all with the same broker or better yet all with the same company you will receive preferential discounting and rating from insurers. Some companies offer discounts as high as 15% for having your home & auto all insured with them and as much as 22.5% for having more than one vehicle insured with them.

  2. Keep it Clean – Good drivers are rewarded

    If you don’t have an convictions (speeding, seat belt tickets, etc.) you will get preferential rating and avoid surcharges for convictions.

  3. Raise your deductible

    Most companies will give you a discount for raising your deductible, take into account your threshold for paying out of pocket for an accident. If you are willing to pay $1000 to fix your own vehicle after you have been in an accident, then set you collision deductible at $1000. However if you do not feel you could afford this then keep your deductibles at an affordable amount.

  4. Where do you work?

    Some insurance companies will provide discounts pending on where you work or what you do for a living.

  5. Closer to work = lower premiums

    If you drive a short distance to work or do not drive to work at all, you could be eligible for better insurance rates. Typically if someone is driving less than 5 km one way to work they will pay less for car insurance than some one driving 15 – 20 km one way to work.

  6. Living in the City has its perks but so does Rural living

    In most cases it is less expensive for auto insurance in the rural areas of Nova Scotia than it is in the urban areas like Halifax.

  7. Keep it between the Pipes

    We all know the best way to get good auto insurance rates is to keep it on the road! No accidents means claims free discounts and better ratings which all leads to lower premiums. With that said it is not a bad idea to buy Accident Forgiveness on your auto policy, after all they are called ‘Accidents’!

If you have any further questions about discounts and auto insurance rating please call our office closest you to talk to our auto Insurance Specialists!

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