We’re Moving, Now What…

Insurances required when moving to or within Nova ScotiaYou’re moving to Nova Scotia or perhaps you’re moving within Nova Scotia either way, A.A. Munro Insurance has got you covered. But the question remains what do you need for insurance when moving or deciding to move. This can be broken down in several categories, what you need for auto insurance if you are renting vehicles to move your stuff and what insurance you need on your belongings when you are moving.

Moving Truck Rental Insurance

If you accepted the insurance offered by the rental vehicle company than you’re covered and you have no worries. However if you did not except the insurance you need to be sure that your existing auto insurance policy will cover you while you are in care, custody and control of the rental truck. If you have Liability, Collision and comprehensive on your current auto insurance vehicle you are eligible for an additional endorsement that may cover the rental truck called SEF 27. To be sure if you have this coverage you should contact your insurance provider to see if you have this endorsement and if the limits of it are enough to cover the rental truck.

What about my belongings, are they covered during the move?

If you have a homeowners or tenants insurance policy then your belongings are like covered while in transit for up to 30 days. Of course there is a limit on this and that would be the contents limit on your policy. To find out more about the limit on your contents or about the ‘In Transit’ coverage your current policy may have, you should contact your insurance broker.

We’re Here, Now What?

Once you have made the move you need to contact someone about your auto insurance and you new property insurance needs. Auto Insurance could be as easy as an address change, but you also want to consider things like, how far you will be driving to work one way, will you be car pooling? These are things that will affect both the cost and the rating of your auto insurance policy.

When it comes to your property insurance needs that all depends on what you are going to call home! Are you buying a house, a condo or perhaps you’re renting an apartment. Regardless of you housing choice A.A. Munro has the policy for you at a price that will keep you smiling as well!

We’re not moving, We’re Renovating!

This can be a fun time, stressful as well. It usually all comes together in the end but there are a few things you need to know when doing a home reno project.

  1. Always notify your insurance provider when your doing a renovation. Pending on the size of the project you may require additional insurance to be properly protected.
  2. If you are using a contractor or subcontractor, be sure to check their references and ask for a copy of their Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance policy.
  3. When work is completed be sure to update your home’s rebuild value with your insurance broker. While most homes have guaranteed building replacement cost included in them, it is your responsibility to ensure that your home is insured to 100% of it’s replacement cost.

Be it a small or large renovation you should always discuss what your doing with you insurance provider in order not to leave your self open to a liability claim or possible not having your personal property covered in the event of a claim. You can always contact any one of A.A. Munro Insurance’s 19 offices and talk to one of our Insurance Specialists about what you may or may not need in a remodel situation.

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